31 E Broadway,  Alton IL  62002 


My Just Desserts occupies the old Krug Flower Shop in historic Alton, Illinois.  Although the building dates back to 1845 we took over in the winter of 1989 and have been serving our guests ever since.  We have over 150 recipes that make up our daily lunch specials and we rotate these on a monthly basis. 


The recipe that made My Just Desserts famous is our Chicken Salad.  Now this may sound bizarre to you as you’re probably thinking what makes this Chicken Salad so special. Obviously, we’re not going to divulge our secret recipe but you should know every serving that leaves the kitchen equals a half-pound of our Chicken Salad. Still think it’s nothing special?  What if we told you our kitchen cooks and de-bones, by hand mind you, an average of over 100 chickens per week? 


If it’s not our Chicken Salad that keeps our guests coming back, then it’s definitely our pies!  Every morning Yvonne bakes between 9 and 13 different types of pie to feature on the menu board.  Keep in mind this is in addition to the pans of tollhouse brownies, there’s bound to be something on our menu that “tickles your fancy” at all times!  You’ll think you stepped back in time for lunch at grandma’s house.  From the squeak in the hardwood floors to our Mason jar glasses, we’re sure to serve you a meal that you won’t soon forget!  We put lots of love into our food around here and we think this is why folks keep coming back time and time again!

Just Desserts, homemade pie – Apple Praline
Apple Praline Pie


My Just Desserts, homemade pie – Mrs. Ledbetter’s
Mrs. Ledbetter’s Chocolate Pie


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